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If you’ve been charged with a crime, you need direction and support in order to build a strong criminal defense case. If your arrest took place in Orange County, Florida, your best option is to work with a knowledgeable criminal defense lawyer in Orlando who can provide guidance and experience.  

Look no further than Rahul Parikh, who was included in Florida’s Super Lawyers as an exceptional attorney with extensive trial experience. Criminal defense lawyers like him will perform a thorough investigation of the evidence against you in order to develop a strong criminal defense. They will use their comprehensive understanding of Florida criminal law to help navigate you towards a favorable outcome.  

If a conviction seems likely, your attorney will work with persecutors to reduce your penalties.  

Parikh Law can provide the level of quality criminal defense representation that you need for your central Florida case. Our criminal defense lawyers have a history of success with both state and federal criminal cases, and this experience will benefit you greatly. Criminal law is complex and overwhelming, and Florida prosecutors work aggressively to secure criminal convictions by leveraging this complexity. Working with an experienced trial lawyer can give you the support you rightfully deserve to ensure that the entirety of your story is made clear and that you can work towards a reasonable and fair outcome that goes beyond the singular goal of a criminal trial prosecutor.

Contact our Orlando, Florida law offices for a consultation with experienced criminal defense attorneys today. We have a deep understanding of Florida criminal cases and will be happy to provide you with legal advice and a case evaluation.

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