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Florida Aviation Lawyer

Written by:Portrait of Rahul ParikhRahul Parikh

There’s nothing quite like flying, whether for business or pleasure. It takes lots of time, money and energy to get involved in the aviation industry, but when you do, it’s worth knowing all the ways an aviation lawyer can help you protect your investment and license.

There are a few key agencies in the aviation industry. Foremost is the Federal Aviation Administration. In 2001, the Aviation and Transportation Security Act of 2001 established the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) in the Department of Transportation (DOT).

An aviation lawyer can help you navigate the legal process of purchasing, selling, or financing an aircraft, or defend you in any alleged violations of the rules set forth by these agencies.

Contact Parikh Law at 321-558-2704 to learn more about our business aviation, litigation, and other legal services. As Florida aviation transaction lawyers, our clients include aircraft owners, licensed pilots, airports, and others in the aviation community looking for aggressive representation for their legal matters. Our Orlando-based law firm helps clients with aviation financing and load securitization, aircraft sales and use tax planning and interpreting FAA regulations.

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What Is the Law of the Air?

The history of this law goes all the way back to The Paris Convention in 1919 after World War I. It recognized the sovereignty that each state has over its own airspace above its territory, including its territorial sea. Although the U.S. did not ratify the convention, U.S. air laws were modeled on it. This right was restated in the Chicago Convention on International Civil Aviation in 1944. Today, the law has expanded to include all sorts of aircraft that are available now, including drones.

The state of Florida is entitled to regulate the entry of foreign aircraft into its territory, and persons operating aircraft within the state are subject to its laws. A pilot can face enforcement actions for a simple mistake or a serious violation. In these cases, you need an experienced aviation defense lawyer to guide you through the legal process.

There are many state regulations that govern flight schools, aircraft registration, and commercial and general aviation. However, for the most part, the aviation industry is governed by federal law. In addition to being a practicing aviation lawyer, Mr. Parikh is also a pilot who has years of experience and a deep understanding of the FAA and regulatory compliance.

Aviation Law Florida

Our firm has experienced, professional Florida aircraft purchase lawyers, as well as attorneys who handle other aviation matters. You can read the Florida statute online that pertains to the regulation of aircraft, pilots, and airports. Florida aviation law specifically deals with matters related to flight, use of aircraft, and litigation for aviation accidents and injuries.

When you’re making a purchase, replacing an aircraft, leasing or making any other kind of aviation transaction, there are also state tax laws that must be complied with, so working with an aviation attorney not only ensures that you are compliant, but could lower your tax burden.

Our team at our Orlando-based firm can help you understand FAA rules and regulations, Florida state aviation law and more about sales and use taxes and exemptions. Call 321-558-2704 to talk to an aviation lawyer today.

What Can An Aviation Lawyer Do For You?

Aviation attorneys focus their practice on matters related to air travel including flight, the operation of aircraft, and compliance with FAA regulations. Among the legal services that aviation lawyers provide are financing, litigation, and tax planning. We help you with matters related to the Florida Administrative Code.

Purchasing Aircraft

Parikh Law provides expertise in aviation transactions to help pilots and other types of buyers to craft a mutually-beneficial purchase agreement with the seller. An aircraft is a major investment, one that your aviation attorney can help you to protect. Whether you are buying, selling or financing, you should have an aviation lawyer draft your agreement so that you are protected.

Can Help You Reduce Your Tax Liability

Aviation transactions are subject to sales and use tax depending on where the aircraft is purchased and where it will be stored. An aviation lawyer can help you structure your agreements to reduce your tax burden and save you money. There are a number of exemptions that may apply in your case.


Leasing an aircraft can make ownership more attainable, but it does come with its risks. An aviation lawyer can help keep the two or more parties in agreement as they develop the terms of the wet or dry lease.

FAA Violations

If you are a pilot or airman who has received an FAA Letter of Investigation, or got a request to call the tower or the FAA Supervisor, then the FAA may be preparing to take an enforcement action against you. Our team is full of Florida FAA violations attorneys who have the expertise to help you defend yourself to the FAA regarding any type of insurance, regulatory, or other aviation matter.

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Statewide Representation

Whether you are an FAA-licensed commercial pilot, looking for FAA medical certification, want to reduce your tax burden during your aircraft purchase, or are looking for advice from a business aviation attorney in Florida, contact us at 321-558-2704.

The business aviation lawyers at Parikh Law specialize in financing, purchase agreements, litigation, aircraft sales and use tax planning, and aviation transactions. If you need the expertise, advice, and encouragement of an aviation lawyer, then call our Orlando-based law firm. We have been in practice for several years. Our team of civil and commercial litigation lawyers will represent clients in Florida state and federal courtrooms.

Mr. Parikh has been in practice in aviation law for many years and has handled both commercial and general aviation cases, from solving regulatory and insurance issues with the FAA to aircraft transactions. Board certification is the highest level of recognition that an attorney can obtain. Mr. Parikh has also been involved in the local aviation and flight community as a pilot. Contact his team today if you have been involved in an aviation accident, suffered wrongful death of a loved one in an aviation accident or flight, or need representation in front of the FAA.