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Business Dispute Attorney in Orlando

Dispute Attorney in Orlando

As a shareholder or partner of a business, you provide invaluable benefits to your business entity, as well as the greater economy at large. However, when disputes arise between or amongst yourself and other shareholders or partners, it could be a disaster for not only all parties involved but also the entire company.

Parikh Law in Orlando represents partners, shareholders, corporations, and companies related to shareholder and partnership disputes. No matter why your dispute has arisen, it is our goal to make certain it ends amicably and in a way that best preserves your company.

Some of the most common causes for partnership disputes relate to:

  • Breaches of fiduciary duties
  • Breaches of contract between or amongst the shareholders, members, or partners
  • Dissolution
  • Appraisal rights
  • Non-competition or non-compete provisions or clauses
  • Independent contractor agreements
  • Employment agreements

Such disputes often can be solved informally between the parties by way of lawyer-led negotiations. However, when informal dispute resolution fails or another party simply will not budge from their stance, Parikh Law can offer you representation for a conclusion in mediation, arbitration, or litigation.

Mediation Can Solve Shareholder Disputes

Mediation is a formal setting where two parties work with a neutral third-party mediator to discuss their concerns and grievances. Each party is usually represented by their attorney, who negotiates to get them the best result possible based on their personal objectives. Mediators are professionals who are trained in the law to help both parties reach a resolution that is as fair as possible, and that reasonably would avoid litigation and court costs. Mediation may take place with all parties in one room or if it is better to keep the parties separated, then the mediator will move back and forth between the parties.

To reach an agreement in mediation, both parties must reach it voluntarily. Additionally, your agreement will be considered nonbinding, which is to say both parties are not legally obligated to follow through with the agreement. Although, you should intend and plan to carry out your obligations as agree upon in mediation. If you find that you cannot for whatever reason, please inform Attorney Parikh as soon as possible.

How Parikh Law Helps with Shareholder Disputes

Parikh Law has successfully represented its clients at mediation on cases ranging from:

  • Franchise disputes
  • Licensing disputes
  • Partnership disputes
  • Shareholder disputes

If mediation is not promising, we may need to consider arbitration. There is also the option of taking the matter to litigation for a judge’s ruling. Litigation is not the first choice, though, as it is the most complex, expensive, and resource-consuming way to resolve a problem. With that said, sometimes there is no option but to litigate and fight it out. If it should come to litigation, Attorney Parikh can act as your aggressive, skilled, and effective litigator with battle tested trial experience.