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Orlando Quiet Title Attorney

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A quiet title is a legal cause of action that can be used to “clear” title to land or to “cure” a “title defect”. In layman’s terms, this means that sometimes there are problems with who owns a piece of land, or who possesses a title to that land. Such issues are called title defects, and they arise from a number of different instances.

For example: Sometimes someone passes away and it is unclear which of their 12 kids owns the property. Or, maybe all 12 technically own it, but 4 of them have passed away and left behind heirs. Furthermore, maybe another one of those 12 was found incompetent and has a legal guardian. Maybe there was a trust giving 2 of the kids share of the property to another third party for the benefit of those kids. And, on top of that, there could be multiple lienholders, such as a roofing company that did work on the property but never got paid five years ago, or a company who supplied tiles for the floor that never got paid who has a judgment recorded against the property, or a municipality that has code enforcement liens, and on and on.

As it can be seen can seen, title to a property is not as clear as we would like it to be. You can’t just say you bought land from party A who first bought it from party B and now you own it as party C. In real life, land has been around for a long time, and oftentimes many people are recorded in its chain of title with one interest in the land or another.

How do you clear all of this up if you want to have the land’s title and share it with no one else, or at least wipe out those priors judgments and liens? You do it with a quiet title, if you have proper standing, and the help of a quiet title lawyer like Attorney Rahul Parikh of Parikh Law in Orlando.

When Should You Use a Quiet Title Action?

If you have bought a piece of property from a bank or at a county auction like a tax deed auction, you should definitely quiet title! In fact, most, if not all, title insurance companies will not write a policy on your piece of property if you bought it this way and wish to sell to someone else. Therefore, before you can flip that property that you bought at auction, you need to quiet title.

Rather than trying to figure out the complex legal details of quiet title actions and real estate law in general, leave it all to us and Orlando quiet title Attorney Parikh. Quiet title actions are legal processes best performed by a legal professional who can spin a bit of legal artform into it. Parikh Law has completed quiet title actions on more than 100 properties in the Central Florida area for Certificate of Title owners, Tax Deed owners, and others.