No Information Notice - dismissed

Aggravated Battery & Battery

Nolle Prosequi Notice - dismissed

Battery - Touch or Strike

Nolle Prosequi Notice - dismissed

Burglary of Dwelling with Assault or Battery, Agg Battery

No Information Notice - dismissed

Drug and Firearm Charges
Trafficking in Cocaine more than 28 Grams with Firearm, Poss of Cannabis with Intent to S&D with Weapon, Poss of 20 Grams or more of Cannabis, Poss of Firearm in Commission of Felony.

Nolle Prosequi Notice - dismissed


Grand Theft (more than $300, less than $5k) x 4

No conviction, 1 day jail with CTS, 18 months probation, Impulse Control Class, 40 hrs CS, No Contract with Victim(s), transfer to Duvall Cty; Nolle Prosequi Count 3

Nolle Prosequi Notice - dismissed

Petit Theft

Nolle Prosequi Notice - dismissed

Refusal to Submit to BAL Test

Violation of Probation (DUI)

VOP Dismissed, R&T Probation, D6 license until outstanding fines & CC paid

Assault + Mtn Early Term Probation (Granted 2/12/19)

No conviction, 2 days jail with CTS, 178 days probation, 8 Hour Anger Management Course, No Contact with Victim, pay fines & CC

Nolle Prosequi Notice - dismissed

Burglary of Occupied Dwelling & Grand Theft 3rd Degree

No Conviction

Trafficking in Oxycodone, Possession of Oxycodone, Use or possession of Drug Paraphernalia. The client was facing a minimum mandatory 25 years in prison. We used a series of pre-trial motions to suppress and motions to dismiss the charges based on violations of his constitutional rights and mistakes that law enforcement made during their investigation and seizure of the evidence to wear down the State. He ended up getting a withhold of adjudication (no conviction) and two years of probation with simple and standard drug offender terms. This was in Polk county, which has one of the most conservative and aggressive prosecutor's offices in the State.

DUI & Property Damage

Convicted, 12 months probation, 12 month DL suspension, 50 hrs CS, DUICAS, VAP, Alcohol Evaluation, IID 6 months, 10 day vehicle impoundment, pay fines & CC

No Information Notice - dismissed

Petit Theft (Retail)

No Conviction, 8 days jail with CTS, pay fines & CC

Possession of Cannabis less than 20 Grams, Possession of Drug Paraphernalia

No conviction, pay fines & CC

Possession of Not More than 20 Grams of Cannabis

Vehicle without Lights at night, Reckless Driving - Alcohol Related

No conviction, 11 months 29 days probation, 100 hrs CS, DUICAS, VAP, pay fines & CC

No Information Notice - dismissed

Battery (DV)


Careless Driving

Case dismissed

Domestic Violence
Felony Domestic violence battery was dismissed in Orange county after we had a Stand Your Ground hearing. Client was accused of stabbing her husband with a knife. We were able to get a private investigator to use their Ring camera in their door to show that she tried to run out of the door and was pulled back into the home. The stab wounds suffered by her husband was from his knife and she had multiple defensive wounds on her. At the hearing I was able to make the husband basically admit that his wife had no idea where his knives and weapons were kept, that he had been drinking, that he had a history of domestic violence himself, and that he was angry at her that night and “wanted to shut her up” before the physical confrontation began. The judge believed her actions were in self defense and the case was dismissed at the hearing.

Not Guilty DUI

DUI in Osceola not guilty verdict after trial. The client was driving home from a bar and ended up passing out in the middle of the road at a red light with her foot on the break. Fire crew blocked the car in and cops began a DUI investigation. The police officers who did the DUI investigation did a terrible job and did not follow NHTSA protocol. I used my knowledge as a former DUI prosecutor during cross-examination and got the cops to admit that they did not follow the standardized rules of field sobriety exercises and that in fact, they had done very few DUI investigations. The case went to trial and we got a not guilty verdict.

Nolle Prosequi Notice - dismissed

Possession of Cannabis Not More than 20 Grams

Possession of Cannabis Not More than 20 Grams, Possession of Drug Paraphernalia

Convicted, 45 days jail with CTS, 1 yr DL suspension, pay fines & CC


Unlawful Speeding

VOP (Burglary of Dwelling, GT of a firearm, GT of $100 or More from Dwelling)

No conviction, 207 days jail without CTS, probation reinstated, pay fines & CC