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Orlando Physical Abuse Attorney

If you have been accused of physical abuse, you will need a criminal defense attorney in Orlando, Florida to fight for your freedom and your future. Contact Parikh Law if you were accused of physical abuse and need legal help to protect your reputation and your freedom.

What is physical abuse?

Abuse is a broad term that includes causing physical harm to another person, so kicking, hitting, biting, or striking another person is considered physical abuse, but it can also include sexual assault. Criminal law most often applies to incidents of child abuse and domestic abuse. 

In some cases, a person may be accused of physically abusing their child when they use punishments such as spankings as a form of discipline. In other cases, a person may be charged with abuse if they use severe or excessive violence against a child.

Sexual assault includes forcing any person to participate in sexual activities without their consent. It also includes touching someone in a sexual way without their consent. Touching a person who has not sexually reached the age of consent is always considered sexual abuse. 

What causes physical abuse?

There are several different factors that can cause physical abuse. People who commit physical abuse are often survivors of abuse themselves. They may not have the parenting skills to know when corporal punishment is inappropriate or may believe that hitting their spouse is okay due to religious or philosophical beliefs that contradict the law.

People who are experiencing financial distress sometimes verbally or physically lash out at family members. Job loss, demotions, and abuse at work can motivate some people to commit violent acts. It is important to have somebody to talk to when you are experiencing financial problems. Unfortunately, insurance often does not cover mental health care, and people who need it most might not be able to afford to pay for it out of pocket.

Domestic violence is often the result of a person’s need for control. It happens to people of all different cultural backgrounds, races, religions, sexual orientations, and social classes.

Physical abuse will often go hand in hand with other forms of abuse. A person who physically abuses a child or domestic partner may try to isolate that person from other people in their life. They might also try to control the finances of the victim so they are unable to leave.

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How Parikh Law Can Help You 

Society as a whole is much more aware of physical abuse than it used to be, and the punishment for child abuse and domestic abuse is much more severe than it once was. A charge of domestic violence may come with jail time or probation, and if you serve time in jail, you may also have to go on parole; you may have to pay fines and do community service.

People who are convicted of domestic abuse are often required to attend therapy, and they may be required to take classes, which can be hard to schedule and very expensive. If a person is convicted of domestic abuse, they may have a hard time getting a job, and it may affect their ability to rent an apartment or buy a house in some neighborhoods. If a domestic violence conviction is reported in the media, it can ruin a person’s reputation.

Although domestic violence is a serious issue, there are some situations in which a person may be charged with physical abuse when they were simply defending themselves.Parikh Law will look at all the facts in your case and do everything they can to help you.

If a person is accused of domestic violence, an attorney may be able to get them lesser charges or even have the charges dropped,  if the accused person agrees to go to therapy or to classes. 

A person should never go to court without an attorney, especially in a criminal case, because about 92% of people accused of a crime are convicted. However, a lawyer will look for ways to avoid a criminal trial. For example, the arresting officer may have failed to recite the Miranda Rights during the arrest. Police often get inadmissible confessions from people who agree to answer questions without an attorney present. 

Contact Parikh Law if You Are Accused of Physical Abuse

If there is strong evidence against you, one of our trained criminal defense attorneys can work out a plea bargain for you. If the evidence against you was illegally obtained, we might be able to get the charges against you dropped completely. In order to create a strong criminal defense, specific details of the law must be understood.

Laws can change, and a professional Orlando domestic violence attorney will keep up with the law in their practice area. They will also study cases that are similar to yours. When a judge makes a decision about a case, their decision may affect other similar cases. You are unlikely to have the information to which a professional attorney would be privy. 

Lawyers are professionally trained speakers who will passionately defend you, whether yours is a bench trial or a jury trial. They know questions the prosecutor can and cannot ask and what evidence can be admitted. In other words, a lawyer is your best possible defense against the charges and accusations levied toward you.

Being accused of a crime is terrifying, but the defense attorneys of Parikh Law can help to secure your freedom, protect your reputation and let you move on with your life.