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Orlando Drug Lawyer

Aggressive Criminal Defense for the Accused

Drug crimes are among the most common types of criminal cases heard in Florida courts and across the nation. Like all states, Florida prohibits the use, sale, distribution, and trafficking of controlled substances. Violations of drug laws can lead to harsh consequences that can involve mandatory minimum prison sentences as well as mandatory minimum fines.

If you are facing any type of drug investigation or formal charge, it is strongly advised that you seek the help of a trial-tested, tough defender. You can rely on the Orlando drug crimes defense attorney at Parikh Law. Our firm has built a solid reputation for strong legal representation and support in the face of all types of drug crimes.

Florida Drug Crimes & Consequences


Drug crimes can include:

Punishments for any drug offense will depend on the type and quantity of drug found, your prior criminal history if applicable, and whether or not your arrest occurred near a location involving minors, such as a school, playground, or daycare center.

Substance Abuse

Why You Need Our Orlando Drug Crime Lawyer

Criminal cases and court procedures are complex matters that require the representation of a professional. The presentation of your defense must follow the rules of evidence and criminal procedure law. Through tough negotiation and a strong court presence, we have been able to secure dropped or reduced charges, acquittals, and reduced sentences for many clients.

Our firm has the legal ability and tenacity to help you avoid serious negative consequences. We urge you to reach out to us to learn more about how we can fight for your freedom and future at this critical time.