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Drug Possession Lawyer Orlando

Drug Posession

The state of Florida has some of the strictest drug possession laws in the country. A person may be accused of possession if they were caught with drugs that they did not intend to sell, distribute or manufacture.

If you have been charged with drug possession, the first thing you need is an experienced criminal attorney who is well versed in drug laws in the Sunshine State. The second thing you need is to know a bit about the laws pertaining to drug possession. There are a few facts that you should be armed with when you have been accused of any crime.

Drug Crime Statistics in Florida

Florida saw a total of 134,396 arrests for drug-related offenses in 2018. The majority of the offenders were adult males. A conviction of felony possession can include a five-year sentence and a $50,000 fine. Marijuana possession is a first-degree misdemeanor in Florida and it can come with jail time and a fine of up to $1000. Certain municipalities have loosened their enforcement of pot possession.


Can You Be Charged for Possession When no Drugs are on You?

Even if you do not have drugs on you, you may be charged with drug possession. There are two different types of possession charges: actual and constructive. If law enforcement officers find drugs on your person, that is considered “actual possession.” If drugs are found in your home, in your car, or the home of a friend or intimate partner, that is considered constructive possession. The prosecution will have to build their case based on indirect evidence.

Obviously, constructive charges are harder to prove. The prosecution must establish that you knew the drugs were there and that you were in control of them. They must also prove that you knew the drugs were illegal.

If the drugs are simply in your general vicinity, it will not be considered enough evidence to establish possession unless you were alone in that place. And even then, it may be difficult for the State to prove. For example, you would not be convicted for drug possession if you were in a car or home with someone who was taking drugs.

What is Considered Personal Use of Drugs?

If you have a small amount of drugs on you that you do not intend to sell, you will be charged with drug possession. If you are caught ingesting illegal drugs, you are likely to be charged with possession. Medical marijuana is considered legal in Florida if you have a medical prescription card, but it is still a Federal offense.

Why is Drug Possession a Felony?

Possession of drugs other than marijuana may result in third-degree felony charges. You can get up to five years in jail for possession, and you could face fines of up to $5000 for these kinds of charges. Florida is even tough on the possession of drug paraphernalia such as a bong or a pipe.

Certain drugs like heroin are very addictive and can even cause death. Just having them is a felony because of how harmful they are. The sale of heroin is heavily and harshly punished in Florida with jail sentences of up to 15-30 years depending on the amount of drugs. If you are charged with a drug possession, intent to sell, conspiracy to traffic, or drug trafficking charge you need an experienced, aggressive drug defense lawyer on your side. Call us at 321-558-2704.

How do you Fight Drug Possession Charges?

The first thing you need to do when charged with drug possession in Florida is to call our office and set up a consultation. Be sure to bring all the paperwork you have that is related to your case. Insufficient evidence is the most common defense of drug possession charges.

The state must prove all the points of a drug charge beyond a reasonable doubt. Our trained attorneys know how to tear down the prosecution’s argument and fight for your freedom.