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Orlando Kidnapping Lawyer

Orlando Kidnapping

Protecting Clients from Criminal Convictions

Under Florida law, kidnapping is a serious crime that occurs when a person forcibly, secretly, or by threat confines, abducts, or imprisons another person against his or her will, without lawful authority, and with the intent to hold them for ransom, to use them as a shield or hostage, to commit or facilitate a commission of a felony, to inflict great bodily harm upon or to terrorize the victim, or to interfere with the performance of a governmental or political function.

Kidnapping is considered to be a first-degree felony punishable by up to life in prison, life on probation, and fines up to $10,000. It is imperative that you get an advocate on your side who can fight for you. Contact the Orlando kidnapping lawyer at Parikh Law today to schedule your free consultation.

Possible Defenses to the Charge of Kidnapping

Many times, kidnapping occurs between people who are already acquainted with each other. Explaining the relationship between the accused and the alleged victim could prove crucial to helping you obtain a favorable outcome for your case.

We may be able to help you prove:

  • The victim consented to leave with the accused
  • You had no intent to harm the victim
  • You did not know you were committing the crime of kidnapping
  • The victim was a relative
  • You were not in your right mind at the time of the crime

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Because kidnapping is charged as a felony, the consequences of a conviction can be devastating to your future. It is crucial that you work with an aggressive criminal defense lawyer who understands the strategies that work in avoiding harsh criminal penalties. The sooner you call our firm, the better your chances will be of protecting yourself. We can examine the evidence against you in order to check for mistakes. Let us help you protect your freedom