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Orlando Public Order Crimes Lawyer

Written by:Portrait of Rahul ParikhRahul Parikh
Order Crimes

Avoid Criminal Convictions that Could Hurt Your Future

Public order crimes are those which threaten the privacy or propriety of another’s space or property. At Parikh Law, we understand the challenges these cases can present to those accused of them. Our Orlando public order crimes lawyer can help you fight the charges and avoid having a crime show up on your permanent record. Get started right away by calling and scheduling your free consultation.

Cases We Handle

Public order crimes are often highly defendable depending on the facts of your particular case. By working with a dependable criminal defense attorney, you can gain a clear picture about what to expect during your case and what you can do to get through it.

The following are examples of public order crimes:

  • Open house party: Committed when you allow minors to consume drugs or alcohol at a party at your residence. Penalties could include up to 60 days in the county jail, or 6 months of probation and a fine of $500.
  • Loitering and prowling: A criminal charge alleging a person’s suspicious presence in an unusual place or manner at an unusual time, and the circumstances indicate there’s an imminent threat to public safety. Penalties could include up to 60 days in jail, 6 months of probation, and fines up to $500.
  • Arson

Defending against the Charges

Thankfully, these charges are very defendable. By working with an aggressive criminal defense lawyer, you can effectively question the narrative put forward by your accusers and tell your side of the story in a compelling way. Parikh Law has helped many clients protect their rights through effective methods of questioning the evidence and charges made against them. Don’t suffer the consequences of a criminal conviction.