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When you have a criminal charge pending, it is important to get help from an aggressive Orlando criminal defense lawyer who can fight for you. At Parikh Law, our team offers award-winning representation that can help you get the best possible outcome for your situation. Read more about what some of our clients have to say about our work. Call (321) 394-9443 now or contact our firm online to schedule your free consultation.

  • He did what he does best and gave me the best option

    I recommend Rahul for everybody, honestly, he is such a smart and caring person. He was in every step of my case, any question I had he would answer me immediately. I was afraid of my case and he did what he does best and gave me the best option. I can’t thank him enough.

    - Previous Client

  • A no-nonsense attorney who knows how to get the job done
    Rahul Parikh is, hands down, the best criminal defense attorney and I can't begin to thank him for all that he did for my son. I reached out to him on a Sunday afternoon and less than an hour later, he had gotten back to me and scheduled a meeting. He's a no-nonsense attorney who knows how to get the job done! From the second we retained him, I had peace of mind in knowing that we were in the best hands possible. My son was facing a 25 year mandatory jail time sentence. If Rahul couldn't get it done, I knew that it couldn't be done at all. He took over right away and resolved to get some of the charges against my son dropped which helped him from mandatory jail time of 25 years to a mandatory 2 years jail sentence. Before I knew it, he had gotten the DA to reject other charges and my son will only be facing 2 years of probation! I am forever indebted to Rahul. Never in a million years could I have imagined that I'd ever need a criminal defense attorney, but I'm so thankful and grateful that I found Rahul. You can't put a price tag on your freedom. He was worth every single penny. Thank you, Rahul (a million times over)!

    - Alexander

  • Got a very good result after a long time of fighting my case

    Great service from Rahul and his team. Got a very good result after a long time of fighting my case. Rahul did an awesome job. I recommend him for sure.

    - Magnolia

  • Professional, friendly and communicative

    Rahul did an amazing job with my case. He’s very professional, friendly and communicative. 10/10. Thank you so much.

    - Previous Client

  • Go with Rahul, you will not be disappointed
    Went above and beyond for me. Got me an outcome that I couldn’t even dream of. Kept me in the loop through the whole procedure and answered all my questions. Was well worth the money, and then some. Go with Rahul, you will not be disappointed.

    - Griff

  • Quick and creative, and we got the result we wanted

    I hired Rahul on the recommendation of another well-respected attorney. The issue I wished to address was deemed impossible by almost every other attorney in town- however, Rahul was quick and creative and we got the result we wanted. I give him my absolute highest recommendation! Brilliant attorney!

    - Previous Client

  • Great advice and really spot-on legal work
    Rahul helped me draft up a promissory note, a security agreement, and a personal guarantee. I was going to loan over 50 thousand to a family member with no paperwork, but Rahul advised me not to do that. I am very glad I listened to him! My family member has not paid the last three payments on time, and Rahul has helped me send a demand letter and will help me collect the money in court. He has been extremely knowledgable, accessible, and easy to talk to. Great advice and really spot-on legal work. Very good service.

    - Anna

  • Very effective at building a strong case

    Mr. Parikh was very effective at building a strong case for me during this difficult time. He was always available via phone and sent me regular updates. Fees were reasonable and affordable. Huge thank you to him and his firm.

    - Previous Client

  • Very detailed about the whole process

    I hired attorney Rahul for my petty theft case. He was very detailed about the whole process. He represented me in court and helped with getting the best result.

    - Previous Client

  • He is a five-star lawyer
    Rahul is a lawyer that will stick with your case once you hire him. He is a very friendly, but an aggressive lawyer. Communication at every moment needed, professional, punctual, and keeps you updated. I’m very happy with his services as a lawyer and I recommend him to anyone to hire him for your criminal justice needs. He is a five-star lawyer. Thank you, Rahul.

    - Alan

  • Made a stressful situation pass by very smoothly

    Rahul was extremely efficient in evicting all parties from two of my investment duplexes. He was very polite and communication was very much on point. Made a stressful situation pass by very smoothly.

    - Sean

  • This guy is working hard and trying to do his best for me and my family

    Rahul has helped and guided me thru the most difficult time in my life (my father's estate). Rahul was very professional yet down to earth, he listened to my concerns and explained the process clearly, and always took the time to call me with updates. Each time I got off the phone with Rahul, I felt like this guy is working hard and trying to do his best for me and my family. I have had a great experience with Rahul and would recommend him to anyone, Good people are hard to find.

    - Scott

  • Very professional and prepared

    Rahul is a skillful lawyer both inside and outside the courtroom. He is always very professional and prepared. I would strongly recommend speaking to him about your legal issues.

    - Previous Client

  • Timely manner at a reasonable price

    We hired Rahul on many real estate and business issues we were facing but he took care of them in a timely manner at a reasonable price. Would definitely refer him to others.

    - Sal

  • He will make sure you get the best possible result

    My husband contacted Rahul after our son was arrested for driving under the influence. The circumstances were not good, to say the least. From the moment we called Rahul, he was knowledgeable and confident and he met us in person. His confidence and charisma were comforting and after leaving the meeting not only were we very well informed and had a plan for my son's case, I really felt as though a weight was lifted off my shoulders. Unlike other attorneys we met with Rahul did not seem interested in just swiping our credit card and running us out the door. He sat and talked to us for over an hour along with our son about all of his driving privilege options and his legal options. Rahul really knows DUI defense very well. He used to prosecute DUIs and he said he was able to learn from the best defense attorneys and prosecutors. He knows both sides and as he put it "he knows what the state has to do" and he sure knows how to make it hard for them to do it! He had really great insight into what my son was facing, he knew the Judge that my son's charges were in front of, and he even knew the prosecutor. He gave us a great play by play of exactly what to expect. Taking the uncertainty out of the process was relieving for our family and I cannot thank him enough for that early on. Rahul took the time to speak to my son one on one outside of our presence, and our son was greatly impacted by that in a positive way. The communication throughout this ordeal was stellar by Rahul. He sometimes called just to let us know that although nothing was happening in my son's case, that he wanted to touch base with us and make sure we didn't have any questions. When the motion to suppress hearing came around, Rahul was amazing in the courtroom. He is an excellent trial lawyer and he clearly loves what he does. You can't spend more than 5 minutes with him without really feeling that he loves being in court. I could not believe the confidence with which he made his arguments and the persuasiveness he had on the judge. He literally took a very very bad situation and turned it into showing my son in the best light possible and showed that the police messed up during their investigation. He really made the police look like they did not know what they were doing. I was shocked at what he was able to do. After the hearing, he shook hands with the cops and the prosecutor. He really knows the people involved in DUIs. He is an incredible lawyer and although I hope we never need his services again if you are ever in trouble or your family is in trouble, this attorney will not only treat you like family, he will make sure you get the best possible result. He advised my son against the plea offer and instead got us a much better result by working more for no extra money. I was truly floored. It was refreshing on many levels to see such a true professional. Talented, skilled, caring, and professional. A+ lawyer.

    - Sara

  • He is our first contact when we have any legal issues

    We have multiple Florida Corporations and LLCs, and we rely on Rahul to draft multiple contracts for us, including Employee Contracts, Non-Disclosure Agreements, and Employee Loan Contracts. We also depend on his knowledge to review all lease documents for our warehouse and office rentals. Rahul is always extremely professional, and responds to requests and completes tasks in a timely manner, including on nights and weekends - in emergency situations this is invaluable. He is our first contact when we have any legal issues or questions regarding any of our businesses, and has an insanely high care level for all he does. We would recommend his services to any Florida business owners that are looking for a dependable and trustworthy attorney partner.

    - Cortney

  • A great asset

    We had (3) evictions that needed to be addressed quickly. Rahul was very helpful and informative. He is also patient in explaining the process and also interrupted his vacation plans to keep us abreast of the status. He is a great asset and we will continue to use his services for every transaction that may arise.

    - Linda

  • A pleasure to work with someone who understands the urgency of our business
    Over the past year I have worked directly with Rahul on several contracts for our company. This includes new hire employee contracts, corporate policies and handbook revisions, asset protection and purchases and many other relative business contracts. Rahul always responds to our business needs with urgency and delivers exceptional results. He is able to dead end our needs to build our contracts and policies with minimum revisions. It is a pleasure to work with someone who understands the urgency of our business. I highly recommend his services to any business owner who may have similar needs.

    - Michael

  • If not for his diligence, my own inexperience may have cost me nearly 70K

    I hired Mr. Parikh to go over a promissory note, loan agreement, and personal guarantee for a business loan I made to a company in Orlando last year. If not for his diligence, my own inexperience may have cost me nearly 70K when the business defaulted on the note. Thanks to Mr. Parikh the terms set out in the agreements were fair but enforceable in court and I will never go into a business agreement of any kind in the future without his expertise backing me up.

    - Aaron

  • Worked long hours preparing my case for trial

    Words cannot express how grateful my family and I are for Mr. Parikh! I had a very complicated case where I was facing multiple charges and a very difficult prosecutor. Rahul Parikh and his associate worked long hours preparing my case for trial. What they were able to do for me was nothing short of a miracle!! I am still in disbelief at the outcome of my case. Mr. Rahul Parikh, I can't thank you enough for giving me my life back.

    - James

  • I was very pleased with his services and his professionalism

    Rahul is a young, energetic, and knowledgeable young attorney that will work very hard to make sure that the outcome of your case will be the best possible. It helps a lot that he was a prosecutor before being in private practice because he understands both sides of the law and he also knows a lot of the judges. In my case, Rahul was very successful and I was very pleased with his services and his professionalism. I would definitely recommend him to every person that is in need of an attorney and if need be I will not hesitate in hiring him again.

    - Zoe

  • Great, consistent follow-up and went above and beyond
    Rahul was a perfect choice for us! He explained things easily and in a way that always felt approachable. He had great, consistent follow-up and went above and beyond what we had expected when we hired him. We will definitely use him again - and recommend him to friends and family!

    - Kate

  • Knows how to defend people and will stick up for you

    During a very difficult time in my life Mr. Parikh was not just a great lawyer, he was a good person. He really listened to me and when we spoke and he offered solutions for a lot of troubles I was having. He also always called me back or would call me just to tell me how the case was going. He definitely knows how to defend people and will stick up for you. He got my case dismissed and gave me my peace of mind back. Thank you Mr. Parikh for believing me and for going the extra mile in my case to get it dismissed. Good service and great person.

    - Nicholas

  • Gave me reasons not to worry needlessly

    I had very little sleep for many nights. I spent my time in many AA meetings trying to help myself understand what was going on and I felt myself coming unhinged at thoughts of negative outcomes. Rahul was there as he answered all my questions and gave me reasons not to worry needlessly. With Rahul's help, I felt good enough to discontinued my anxiety medications. Extremely happy with the Reckless Driving result in my situation.

    - Previous Client

  • Got the results we were shooting for from the start

    When I contacted Rahul he was quick to tell me my choices what could happen and what’s good for me from day one. He was ok to touch with me on every detail on my case and in the end, got the results we were shooting for from the start. I highly recommend you give him a call if you run to any legal problems.

    - Ryaen

  • They handled everything with professionalism

    Rahul and his entire staff are amazing. They took the time to explain to both myself and my wife what the situation was before, during, and also after hours. They handled everything with professionalism. Will definitely call upon them again if the need arises.

    - Ray

  • A confident, knowledgeable lawyer with a great demeanor

    Very happy with Rahul and his team. They did a wonderful job saving my son from 7 years in prison in Brevard county. Amazing outcome. He is a confident, knowledgeable lawyer with a great demeanor. Friendly and good communication.

    - Lauren

  • AWESOME guy and great attorney
    Rahul represented me on multiple false charges. AWESOME guy and great attorney. He listened to me from the very beginning and he started gathering information from witnesses and other evidence to the point that the State had to drop all the charges because he had so much evidence against it. Really good criminal defense lawyer and he used to be a prosecutor so he knows a lot of people in the system. Cops, Judges and prosecutors all were very friendly with him. Goes a long way to have a lawyer who is GOOD and also well-liked. My man! Thank you so much Mr. Parikh!

    - Carlos

  • If you need help, the best thing you can do is hire him

    Rahul is a very effective and aggressive lawyer with a lot of compassion for his clients. From day one he treated me like a human being and got to know me and my family. I am very happy with my case result and I consider Rahul my friend. He told me exactly what to expect and what the ideal scenario was and he delivered. He took calls on weekends and texted me updates. If you need help, the best thing you can do is hire him. He is worth every penny.

    - Janet

  • It's refreshing for a lawyer to be down to earth.

    Mr. Parikh is a fighter. He pushed hard for my case, harder than I thought a lawyer would. He took my call on a Friday night at 8 pm, had me in his office the next morning at 10 am on a Saturday, and from there the service was phenomenal. He always let me know what was going on after court and his assistant always called me for billing and updates. It's refreshing for a lawyer to be down to earth, honest, and relatable but also he is very professional and good with the judges. Very satisfied with the representation. Worth the cost by a long shot.

    - Jason

  • He provided a wonderful legal result for us when no other attorney could even see a possible solution.
    Rahul is smart, helpful, resourceful, and responsive! He provided a wonderful legal result for us when no other attorney could even see a possible solution. His expansive knowledge of the law and of the personalities of the court system proved invaluable. Many, many thanks!

    - Previous Client

  • He truly cares about his clients and is very aggressive in pushing for a good result.
    Mr. Parikh represented my son on his DUI in Lake county. He was professional, very knowledgeable, and has a great bedside manner. He truly cares about his clients and is very aggressive in pushing for a good result. He told us he would attack the state's case, and he delivered. We are very happy with the result. I recommend him and his team.

    - Larry