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Prostitution encompasses acts done by either a prostitute, a “John” (an individual who uses prostitutes), a pimp, or a madame. These crimes are highly prosecuted in Florida, so it is important to get help from an experienced Orlando prostitution lawyer who can fight for you. With a 10.0 Superb Avvo Rating, Attorney Rahul Parikh has built a strong reputation for dependable advocacy when it counts. If you need a criminal defense lawyer who can stand up for your rights and freedom, call Parikh Law and schedule your free consultation.

What Does Prostitution Include?

It is a crime to give or receive money in exchange for sex. There are a number of crimes that the Florida legislature has designated to encompass the overall crime of prostitution.

These include:

  • Offering another person to engage in prostitution
  • Offering a place for prostitution to occur
  • Owning or operating a building for purposes of prostitution
  • Hiring a person engaged in prostitution
  • Entering or remaining in a place for prostitution
  • Making an appointment for prostitution
  • Solicitation of another to commit prostitution
  • Directing or transporting a person to a place of prostitution

Possible Penalties

In Florida, this crime can range from a second-degree misdemeanor to a second-degree felony. Along with fines and jail time, you will also have a criminal record following you around, making it more difficult to find employment, housing, and financial opportunities.

During your free consultation with Parikh Law, we will go over the challenges of your case to help you understand what you are up against and how to proceed effectively. Many times, these charges are based solely on allegations made by law enforcement. By requesting evidence for their claims, it may be possible to cast doubt and help you obtain a better outcome.