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In Florida, a theft or fraud crime is considered a crime of moral turpitude. This means a conviction for any of these crimes is a stamp on your reputation that you are dishonest that can be used against you in the future in civil or criminal litigations, for educational or work opportunities, for licensing or military service, and even for housing, among other things. If you were charged with theft, make sure you have an aggressive Orlando theft crimes lawyer who will fight to protect your rights. Call Parikh Law for a free consultation about what to do next.

Types of Theft Crimes

Any time a person’s property is taken with the intent to deprive them of it, a theft crime has been committed. These can include a variety of different offenses, each of which come with their own unique and harmful penalties.

Parikh Law handles many theft charges, including:

Credit Card Felony

What Is Grand Theft?

In Florida, this crime is a felony offense involving the intentional and unlawful taking of property of another that is valued at $300 or more. In order to prove the charge of Grand Theft, prosecutors must prove that the accused person knowingly and intentionally took the property of another person to keep for him or herself, whether temporarily or permanently.

Grand Theft can be either a first-, second-, or third-degree felony, depending on the value of the items stolen. Penalties may include prison, probation, fines, restitution, and a permanent criminal record.

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