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Petit Theft Lawyer in Orlando

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If you’ve been arrested for petit theft, you need to take the charges seriously. While petit theft in Florida doesn’t warrant the same penalties as grand theft, you could still face a stint in county jail and fines, as well as the collateral consequences of a criminal charge that stays on your record forever. 

Rahul Parikh is an Orlando petit theft lawyer who gets results. Whether this is your first theft offense or you have a long history of petit and grand theft crimes, you need legal representation. Contact the Parikh Law firm to discuss your case with an experienced petit theft defense attorney. 

What is Petit Theft?

Theft in Florida means taking the property of another person with the intent to temporarily or permanently deprive them of its use. But how does the term “petit” apply to this type of theft charge? 

For the purpose of this text, the terms “petit” theft and “petty” theft are interchangeable. “Petit” is a French word that means “small,” while “petty” is an English word that means “of little importance.” When applied to this crime, both petit theft and petty theft mean that it is less significant than a grand theft offense.

In the state of Florida, all levels of theft are defined under state statute 812.014. While there are numerous exceptions, if the aggregate value of the property is under $750, it’s considered a misdemeanor crime. More specifically, if the value of the stolen property is more than $100 and less than $750, it’s considered first-degree petit theft. If the value of the stolen goods is under $100, it’s a second-degree petit theft. 

Felony Exceptions to Petit Theft

As was previously noted, there are enhanced criminal penalties for certain types of theft. 

  • It’s a third-degree felony to steal any firearm, regardless of its value.
  • Any theft of a motor vehicle is considered grand theft. 
  • Stealing an installed fire extinguisher is a third-degree felony.
  • Stealing a stop sign is a felony.
  • Stealing 2,000 or more pieces of citrus is a felony regardless of value. 

Whether you believe you’re facing first-degree misdemeanor, second-degree misdemeanor, or felony charges, you need to contact a petty theft lawyer. Orlando, Florida’s Rahul Parikh has an impressive track record. Call his law office to discuss your criminal case today. 

Petit Theft Penalties 

The potential penalties you could receive for petty theft charges depend on several factors, including the property value, whether or not you’ve had prior petit thefts, and whether there were collateral charges, like the battery of a loss prevention officer, and whether you were armed at the time of the theft. 

Second-Degree Misdemeanor Petty Theft 

If you are convicted of petit theft with property valued under $100 and no aggravating circumstances, you could face up to 60 days in county jail and $500 in fines. You may alternatively receive up to six months probation. 

First-Degree Misdemeanor Petty Theft 

Theft offenses involving property valued from $100 to under $750 carry a maximum penalty of up to one year in county jail and $1,000 in fines. 

Felony Petty Theft Penalties 

If you are charged with a third-degree felony, either because you stole a firearm, car, etc., or because you have two prior convictions for retail theft-related offenses, the penalties are up to five years in prison and $5,000 in fines. 

In addition to the above-listed potential penalties, under Florida law, a petty theft criminal conviction could result in driver’s license suspension regardless of the amount stolen. In addition to the effect it could have on your driver’s license, you will have a criminal record that can hinder employment or educational opportunities. You may also be required to pay court costs.

For all of these reasons and more, it’s important that you contact an Orlando petit theft lawyer as early as possible. If you are located in Central Florida, contact the Orlando, Florida Parikh Law to discuss your case. 

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Why You Need to Hire a Petit Theft Lawyer

Whether you’re facing your first, second, or subsequent conviction, the consequences may be more severe than you think, particularly if you have an otherwise clean criminal history. Orlando petit theft attorney Rahul Parikh will:

  • Examine the probable cause against you
  • Subpoena and depose witnesses, including the arresting officer 
  • Review the prosecutorial discovery evidence
  • Determine the best theft defense strategy for your case
  • Review any plea deals from the prosecution and negotiate if it’s in your best interest
  • Defend you in the Central Florida criminal court of jurisdiction

Petit Theft FAQs

These are some of the most commonly asked questions that Orlando petit theft attorney Parikh hears at his Central Florida law firm. 

Can petit theft charges be dropped in Florida?

Yes, and this occurs frequently. For example, while retail theft is a crime until you pass all points of payment, the law assumes you intend to pay for your goods, even if you placed something in your pocket or purse. If the security officer jumps the gun and stops you while you’re still in the store, they don’t have probable cause for an arrest. 

What is a felony petit theft in Florida?

While petit theft is a misdemeanor charge that generally applies when to stolen property valued under $750, there are exceptions that were previously noted: theft of a firearm, theft of a car, etc. These are automatic felonies, regardless of their value. 

Experienced Petit Theft Lawyer Helps Clients in Orlando

Rahul Parikh is a petit theft defense lawyer who represents clients in the Orlando area. Don’t risk your freedom, reputation, and driver’s license over a theft charge. Contact Parikh Law today!