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Aggravated Battery in Florida

Aggravated battery in the state of Florida is defined as a battery in which someone willfully or consciously inflicts grave bodily harm, irreversible disability or irreparable disfigurement upon another person. In addition, you may also be accused of aggravated battery if you carried out the act, knowing that the victim was pregnant, or if you used a deadly weapon to carry out the offense. Florida prosecutors take aggravated battery cases very seriously, and so should anyone who is alleged to have committed this offense. As a second-degree felony, the possible penalties for aggravated battery are severe and life changing. Felony convictions are not simply a mark on your permanent criminal record, but they can also be a detriment to your life in a myriad of other ways outside of the Florida criminal justice system. It is advised that anyone who has been accused of this crime seek the assistance of a practiced criminal defense in order, in order to decrease the chances of getting stuck with the harshest tentative punishments. At Parikh Law, P.A., we remain dedicated to helping people just like you. You deserve to have a prosperous future, and we believe that fighting for that is our ultimate goal.


How Does the State Prove Someone is Guilty?

Prosecutors are tasked with providing evidence of your guilt, and have the means to do so at their fingertips. Aggravated battery is an offense that they will be particularly adamant about. There are certain requirements the prosecution must meet in order to attain a legitimate guilty conviction. They must factually demonstrate evidence of two (2) specific elements, beyond reasonable doubt. First, they must show that the accused individual deliberately made physical contact (like a touch or a strike) with the supposed victim without consent, or that the accused purposely caused the alleged victim serious bodily harm. They must also prove that the alleged offender used a deadly weapon when the incident occurred or that they knowingly caused the alleged victim permanent disability or disfigurement or major bodily harm. Most people do not have access to the resources that prosecutors have. Should you choose to represent yourself against aggravated battery charges, you are very likely to find yourself far in over your head. Even though you are an intelligent individual, matters of criminal defense may be far beyond your scope of experience, which does not fare well for you if you are being accused of a charge as serious as aggravated battery. 

Can Aggravated Battery Charges be Challenged?

Each aggravated battery case is different. That said, having an attorney puts you at an advantage, since they will be able to fully review your case and find out which defense, or defenses, would be the strongest in your particular case. Some tentative defenses to aggravated battery charges include:

  • No disability, disfigurement or extreme physical harm inflicted upon the supposed victim;
  • You had no intention to touch or strike the alleged victim;
  • You were acting in self-defense; 
  • You were defensing other people;
  • You were standing your ground;
  • There was not a deadly weapon involved in the purported incident, and;
  • The physical altercation between you and the alleged victim was the result of consent or mutual combat.

Penalties You Could Face

The consequences that could stem from this second-degree felony can impact your present, as well as your future. If you are found to be guilty, you could be ordered to serve up to fifteen (15) years in prison, serve a probation sentence up to fifteen (15) years and pay fines as high as $10,000. Besides these ramifications, being convicted guilty would be permanent on your record. Convicted felons in Florida are barred from doing things, such as:

  • Owning firearms;
  • Voting;
  • Securing professional licenses and/or certifications;
  • Renting a home or apartment;
  • Obtaining employment; and,
  • Qualifying for financial aid.

As you can see, these are not just penalties that will impact your life while the case is pending, but can permanently alter the course of your life. This is yet another reason that your best move would be to hire a criminal defense attorney to zealously represent you. At Parikh Law, P.A., we put the best interest of our clients and their loved ones above everything else that we do. 

Why Should You Hire an Attorney?

Since your whole future is at stake if you are currently being accused of aggravated battery, it is in your best interest to retain the services of a criminal defense attorney who has what it takes to defend your rights. With competent, qualified counsel, your chances of getting aggravated battery charges reduced or dropped altogether skyrockets. Florida prosecutors have had years of education and experience, which can be almost impossible to go up against if you do not have the same. They will be working hard to prove their case, which is another key reason why you should obtain the services of a criminal defense attorney who will work even more diligently to prove your innocence. 

What Makes Parikh Law, P.A. Different?

There is a smorgasbord of criminal defense lawyers in Central Florida, that is a fact. However, the quality of the service you receive can vary drastically. This is not to say that other firms are not exceptional at what they do, but not all firms have the background that Attorney Rahul Y. Parikh has when it comes to aggravated battery cases. Attorney Parikh has not always been in private practice. In fact, he began his legal career as a prosecutor for Orange County, Florida. Now, you may read that and think, “Why would I hire someone who worked for the State,” but it is important to understand the advantages of having an attorney who has had previous experience on the other side of the negotiating table. First and foremost, Attorney Parikh was able to gain invaluable knowledge during his time at the Office of the State Attorney as to how exactly prosecutors approach aggravated battery cases. Because of this, he is able to form strategies for his clients’ defenses that will be the most effective. Furthermore, Mr. Parikh could have simply ridden out his legal career as a prosecutor, but he chose, to pursue criminal defense. Being moved by the way that people’s lives were affected by being convicted guilty of crimes, such as aggravated battery, he was called to step up and advocate for those people. This kind of fervor is not seen every day. In building his firm, Attorney Parikh has hired a staff that shares his passion for helping those who have had criminal accusations brought against them. Everyone here at Parikh Law, P.A. is dedicated to your defense and will go the extra mile to make sure that you are being listened to, informed and defended to the highest extent. To all of us, you will never just be a faceless client, but rather a part of our family, that we are determined to protect in every way we can. We hope that if you or somebody you love is being charged with aggravated battery that you will not delay in seeking counsel. We would be honored to welcome you to our family and be able to see you through this dire time in your life. Your consultation with us will be free and classified. Drop us a line today and schedule a confidential consultation today.