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Construction & Development Law

Construction and Development

If you have a new construction or development project in the works, it is important to make sure that you have the proper contracts and agreements in place to protect you from liability and personal costs. At Parikh Law, P.C. in Orlando, we have been there for clients whose development and construction projects were on the verge of going south – and fast. With our professional and responsive legal counsel, we have helped so many general contractors, property owners, and others in construction disputes just like you keep their projects afloat and on track.

Taking the Guesswork Out of Construction Development

Many issues can arise before, during, or after construction, either for a new or preexisting project or plot of land. It will become our job as your construction and development law firm to make certain you are ready for any and all complications before they ever have a chance to arise. With preparation upfront and our advanced legal knowledge, you’ll find that the stress of your construction project can wash away entirely.

Some issues to consider and anticipate with a construction or development project:

  • Overall scope of work agreed upon
  • Utilities
  • Extension requests,
  • Negligence on the builder’s part or others
  • Differing site conditions
  • Owner’s failure to obtain permits or provide blueprints
  • Construction defects
  • Subcontractor problems

We firmly believe that preparation is the best way to minimize problems and allow your work to become streamlined. By using diligent legal planning and drafting contracts with the correct legal language to protect you, we can address any potential pitfalls from the beginning. It is always our goal to think not only two steps ahead, but to plan to the very end, so that all of your legal needs are taken care of and your interests are protected well before you ever break ground.

What Our Law Firm Can Do for You

Much of construction and development planning depends on good, legally-sound contracts. We would be happy to help you with contract preparation and review, as well as conflict resolution regarding construction regulations, agreements, or even liens on the land. If a legal dispute cannot be avoided, our law firm can further assist by offering representation for construction law litigation, or mediation and arbitration as a litigation alternative.