Orlando Business Contract Lawyer

Almost all business disputes arise from a contract dispute. Florida is a right-to-contract state, which means that the State government encourages and promotes people to enter into binding agreements whenever business is conducted. Although contracts can lead to mutually beneficial relationships, disputes regarding contracts can cause significant financial, emotional, and other pain and damages.

It is crucial important that you engage a well-qualified, competent, and experienced business law attorney to draft any of your contracts. Creating a good contract gives you great protection from disputes and damages later on. While it is true that most contracts are signed and put away never to see the light of day again, they become unbelievably important if and when a dispute arises. Let the attorney who drafted your contract act as your trial attorney and you will have a formula for a great case result.

If you live in Orlando or the surrounding region, come to Parikh Law for all your contract and business agreement needs! Attorney Parikh has extensive experience both drafting contracts of all types, as well as litigating contracts. He has seen the good, the bad, and the ugly – and knows how to make certain you and your business come out on top after a dispute.

Different Types of Common Contract Disputes

  • Employment Agreements: Employment contracts set out the terms between an employer and an employee. It is important as an employer to ensure that your contract has the proper language related to pay, job duties, and expectations of your employee. Often, employers do not have their employees sign employment contracts only to be taken advantage of later down the road. Similarly, if you are an employee who was just hired somewhere, before you sign your employment contract, you should have it reviewed by our contract dispute attorney. Do not sell yourself short. You can review and negotiate your contract before it gets signed. Be sure to exercise your rights! A little foresight can save you a lot of future pain.
  • Severance Agreements: Severance agreements are used between employers and workers when a worker is leaving the company and both sides wish to mutually exchange promises or guarantees. Often, employers want their employees not to compete by working at a competitor, or to disclose some information related to their work. This is accomplished by way of a severance agreement. Usually, the employee makes legally binding and punishable promises to the employer in exchange for a lump sum of money.
  • Non-Compete Agreements: Non-compete agreements are extremely important for many different types of businesses where the employee or worker gains on-the-job knowledge in a niche or specialized area. Employers do not want to train someone to do a great job only to lose them to their biggest competitor in the region. Similarly, employees do not want to be “trapped” or restricted from working where they see fit. It is very important that certain employers have non-competition agreements in place and that both sides review the agreement thoroughly. Call us at (321) 394-9443 today for your non-competition agreement needs. Parikh Law has drafted and litigated non-competition agreements for both employers and employees alike.
  • Non-Solicit Agreements: Non-solicitation agreements are vital for employers who have a specific number of workers and do not wish for ex-employees, partners, or shareholders to poach their best workers.
  • Non-Disclosure Agreements: Non-disclosure agreements are very important for employers who have disclosed confidential information to their employees related to their personal or business operations. Be sure to contact Parikh Law if you are either in need of a non-disclosure agreement or if you are an employee or worker who is being asked to sign one.
  • Shareholders Agreements: Shareholder agreements are agreement between shareholders of a corporation. They are vital for setting out how the corporation will operate, profit and loss rights, and many other crucial issues that should be addressed on the front end to avoid a shareholder dispute.
  • Operating Agreements: Operating agreements are an agreement between members of a limited liability company (LLC). They are vital for setting out how the company will operate, who will manage the company, profit and loss rights, and many other crucial issues that should be addressed early to prevent member or partner disputes.
  • Real Estate Contracts: Real estate contracts generally seem straightforward. Most of these types of contracts in Florida are form contracts that have been approved by the Florida Bar. However, that does not make the terms standard or simple. It is crucially important that if you are buying or selling a home that you call our law firm so that we can review your purchase of land contract, closing documents, and other related documentation such a surveys, title insurance policies, and others.
  • Purchase & Sale of Business Assets: Parikh Law handles purchase and sale of business asset contracts. These agreements can often be complex with multiple contingencies. Be sure to call us if you are purchasing or selling business assets.
  • Purchase & Sale of Business: Parikh Law has represented both buyers and sellers regarding the sale of businesses. Call us today for a free consultation.
  • Release of Liabilities, General Releases & Settlement Agreements: Any time two parties settle a dispute, it is imperative to commemorate their agreement and to release each other from all liability related to the dispute on paper in a written, signed, and released agreement.
  • Demand Letters: At our law firm, we always emphasize cost-effective approaches to dispute resolution. Our demand letters are not simply boilerplate letters stuck on attorney letterhead. We thoroughly investigate your case by strategically speaking with witnesses, reviewing the case law, and going over the review of any contracts, agreements, or other paperwork. When needed, we engage our private investigation team to help. When we send a demand letter, it has all the detailed facts relevant to your case, as well as case law and statutes.
  • Custom Contracts: As mentioned before, Florida is a right to contract State. This means that you can enter into agreements related to all sorts of business dealings. The days of handshake deals have come to an end. If you are entering into any sort of business dealing, it is important that you contact our office immediately to ensure that your business’s wellbeing is protected.