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Franchise Law

A franchise is a form of business ownership and operation in which a third party (franchisee) operates a branded institution with permission from the owner (franchisor). Franchise and distribution agreements can create a tried-and-tested form of business operation that can be lucrative for both the franchisor and the franchisee. However, franchise structures are highly regulated and often rife with complexity. Failing to prepare for and handle those complication can cause a number of business disputes and disasters.

Parikh Law Firm in Orlando can help you make the most out of a franchise agreement by providing counsel before you sign one. Attorney Parikh can also assist you if you have already signed a franchise agreement but now are running into a dispute. Our law firm provides legal counsel to franchisees and franchisors alike.

Why Do Franchise Disputes Occur?

Some of the most common reasons that franchise disputes occur are that the franchisee feels that the franchisor is lacking in its support. Or, either party suspects that a breach of the franchise agreement has occurred, but they don’t have the evidence upfront to prove it. This series of distrust will rapidly cause disturbances with the franchise location’s operations and may even negatively impact the reputation of the franchise brand as a whole.

Other reasons a franchise dispute can arise include:

  • Royalty and fee disputes
  • Marketing issues related to trademarks
  • Funding for marketing
  • Poor communication between parties

Reviewing a Franchise Agreement for Clarity

You can minimize the chances of running into a franchise dispute and consequent disruptions by making certain your franchise agreement is well-drafted before you sign it. Your franchise agreement will govern the vast majority, if not all, of the terms between the franchisor and the franchisee. Make certain it is not putting you in an unfair situation by signing it eagerly without reading it. If you are the franchisor, you can benefit from a franchise agreement review to ensure you are protecting your brand’s best interests and that you are signing up franchisees who will live your company’s vision.

Orlando Franchise Dispute Lawyer at Your Service

Parikh Law has a long-standing reputation among small hotel and motel owners in Florida and Texas related to franchisee representation. Be sure to contact us today if you are being sued, either as a franchisor or a franchisee. Money spent upfront to engage a competent professional can save you from vast amounts of headaches and potential disasters later on.